Tv and a lamp. I got this, bro. 

A tablet pen and a post-it.


Unless we’re disregarding what I’m HOLDING in my right hand? Then I’ve got a door. I guess that’s better than a tablet pen, lol.

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    a cup full of water and (thank god) a Ken-do sword
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    My tv remote and an empty box of band aids. Fuck.
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    Wall and a tissue… How do you even?
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    Full juice box with no straw and a mechanical pencil LETS GO BITCHES
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    A cordless phone to my right and my ninja staff to my left. I’m well armed.
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    Electronic screen cleaner and my cell phone. THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY
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    A trash can with odd, useless stuff, and a stuffed Coke bear. Okay.
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    Lamp and a book.
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    An empty soda can and a post-it note that says “Don’t be a dick, do your homework”……well crap…..
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    ..a bag of goldfish, and an ipod wire with an ipod attached… i guess i could use the wire as a nun chuck? idon’t know.
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    cup of green icing >with a butterknife in it< aaaand… glass mason jar, with a spoon in it. yaaaaaaay
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    a couch, and fan. me fuckedd so hard.
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    An unsharpened pencil and the Encyclopedia Britannica. Welp. It was nice knowing you all.
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    Cup of water and an alarm clock.. COOL. CLOCK NUMCHUCK.
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    A mobile phone and a nail polish remover. nice.
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    A tiny elephant almost empty cup of cold coffee…Well, if it was the wicked...
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    A pillow and……a blanket…… HAHAHAHA YEAH I’M SCREWED! :D
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    Only one?
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    Sacrifice Julia. You might last.
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    I’ve got a book shelf and a pillow. HIDE BEHIND SHELF. PILLOW FIGHT ZOMBIES.
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    a used band-aid and my cell phone. i’m fucked. but at least i can bandage a single, tiny wound when the fighting is...
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    cell phone and a dryer sheet. I’m safe.
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    My sister and an armchair. Use my sister as bait?
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    Tv Remote and a pack of Dunkaroo’s….. at least I can snack at the same time
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    Welp. I got a cup with some tea in it, and a pack of gum. Shit.
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    Phone and Exacto-knife. FUCKING AWESOME!!!
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    I’ve got the right speaker & the left speaker. They Are connected by a cord, so this could get interesting I guess. Time...
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    a mattress and my blanket… just awesome -Ichi
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    Everyone relax…….for me.. it would be Chopsticks on my right, Unplugged wireless router with power cord to my left……i...
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    Zelda Wii mote is my primary, Xbox 360 controller as my secondary….. hmm Challenge Accepted
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    first is fridge, the second is stereos. nice, i guess :D
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    well, an iPod or a laptop is certainly NOT a good weapon, (unless your trying to hack somethin’ or make the zombies’...
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    A lighter & cell phone… I think that’s pretty good!
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    Mainly just a pillow. Unless you count a tissue box. I am fucked. :D